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ikoo Estyler

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ikoo E styler

Spend more time doing what you love rather than fussing with your hair—our classic E-Stylers cuts your styling time in half. Specially coated plates do not press down on the hair for less damage and are equipped with an ionic technology that eliminates frizz for silkier, happier hair

All our E-Styler handles are ergonomically designed to fit the hand for a firm hold and to facilitate fast and effective smoothing and styling on large sections of hair. Five temperature settings allow you to have control over what's best for your type of hair, and an automatic shutdown function is installed for a stress-free hair care experience.

Our E-Stylers are equipped with coated plates that offer even heat distribution and protects your skin against burns.

A soft matte finish set in pastel shades gives it that extra touch of luxury and frill


1. Use only on dry hair

2. Take a large section of hair in hand then brush down from the roots to the ends in a slow pulling motion

3. You can also brush from the inside out



Turn the tool at the ends to give your style some shape or tease the roots of the hair with the E-Styler to add volume