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Coverderm Skin Reverse

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Skin reverse the ultimate solution to Maskne

YES To Mask NO To Maskne

The first dermocosmetic specifically formulated to prevent and fight Maskne

The Conditions under the Mask are intense and stressful : 

elevated temperatures, excessive levels of humidity and sweating ,limited airflow, friction.

Maskne is contemporary term identifying a series of epidermal skin disorders resulting from the prolonged use of protective facemasks and their green house-like effect

Thanks to its impressively rich formula Coverderm Skin reverse empowers skin to confront and reverse all disfunctions

Skin barrier is restored, water loss is slowed down, epidermal microbiome turns back to its normal balance, sebum production is regulated, skin irritations, 'burning' itching and stinging are eliminated resulting in a velvety smooth texture and a healthy complexion